Enmore Theatre ~ Venue Layout

Seating Plan Options

Each Venue is designed to be as flexible as possible to accommodate specific requirements. The following are examples of how the Enmore Theatre can be transformed for your event.

Concert mode

In concert mode at the Enmore Theatre, all seats are removed from the venue and the entire space can be used for guests to mingle. Clusters of furniture can also be placed around the room to create a more intimate feel. This allows you the largest capacity for your event and can create a relaxed social feel to your event whilst a performance on stage provides a structure to the evening.

Concert mode capacity is 1800 and if you wish to include the seated balcony is 2500.

Cabaret mode

The Enmore Theatre can be dressed to a cabaret style for award ceremonies or company dinners. Along with the theatre’s stage and a five-star three course dining, this is a great way for an otherwise formal dinner to become less constrained and more comfortable with the opportunity for your guests to interact, mingle and catch up.

Cabaret mode capacity is 1552. This includes a combination of both table and theatre seating as per the seating plan.

Theatre mode

Theatre mode is perfect for motivational speeches or conferences, this mode is made up of rows of seats and is best for a more structured event that allows a productive listening environment outside the confines of the office.

Theatre mode capacity is 1650.